Monday, July 4, 2011

Real Coffee - Boracay

Monday, July 4, 2011
We've been hearing rave reviews about Real Coffee so we had to visit. My friend, Darleen, told me they have the best omelet. What's bad about it is that we also had omelet as our breakfast at the hotel. Anyway, this coffee shop was in Station 2. You have to ask around because you need to pass a small alley to find it.
We ordered omelet, coffee and the famous calamansi muffin. I do not know if I were just full at that time because I kind'a didn't appreciate the food. Or maybe it's because the crew there put pesto on my omelet while I told her not to.

The famous calamansi muffin. Jeff ordered a box of this and took it home. I didn't because I didn't like it, so I suppose my siblings won't like it too. 
I ordered chicken omelet and Jeff had tuna omelet. It looked the same so I just posted one photo. See, there's pesto on my omelet. 


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