Sunday, July 3, 2011

Plato D' Boracay

Sunday, July 3, 2011
The next day, I had to drag (and threaten) Jeff out of bed. He wouldn't stop sleeping so I had to tell him I'm going out and he can spend the whole day hugging the bed. When I went out of the shower, he was up and smiling at me. Girls, threat works well early in the morning. Apparently, Rocky also did the same thing to Carlo. Hahaha!

Carlo, Rocky, Jeff and I agreed to try ATV this morning. We had breakfast and off we went to Station 2 for a good ATV deal. So we got it for Php350 + entrances to the aviary and to Mt. Pulo. I think we paid Php410 each. Or more. But less than Php500.

Photo courtesy of Carlo. He was missing at the moment as his ATV stopped in some uphill part of the street. You can see Rocky was super worried here. The guide went to find him and they we're back after five minutes. That was crazy. 
Fortunately, we arrived safely to Mt. Pulo. That was one hell of a ride.
PS. I don't know how to drive okay?

So we decided to eat after riding the ATV. Carlo suggested we go to the market or what they call D' Palengke. It was their version of our Dampa here in Manila. Rocky and I did the buying and the boys just sat there and wait. Fair world. Haha!

Carlo said they've tried this before so we went for this one. Good call!

So this is the mini seafood market infront of the restaurant where you can buy and ask them to cook for you.
We were able to buy 3/4 kilogram of squid for Php200. Not sure about the cooking fee.
Bought half kilo of shrimps for Php200. 
Liempo was Php95. I forgot it it was 3/4 or a kilogram.
Mussels for Php80 per kilo. Yum!


Eise said... [Reply]

Eise Lopez ----

Eise said... [Reply]

Great job on this blog, Joy & Jeff =) wasn't aware you had one till Lara shared the link... I like this Boracay series because it's been some time since I went to the place and I was with family so I didn't get to move around as much... Informative, interesting and a bit funny... considering what I know about Jeff hahahaha=).... and of course a chance at getting a free SB planner;p

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