Monday, May 2, 2011

Baguio Shopping

Monday, May 2, 2011
Well, for a two-day trip, I think I spent five to six thousand pesos. That covers the hotel, food, more food and pasalubong shopping. I think it's very Filipino to buy stuff and bring it home to your family and friends. So anyway, I think these are a couple of things that you can buy in Baguio as pasalubong.

Our hotel, Villa Rosal, was just across the public market. It's located at lower Gen. Luna Road cor Magsaysay Road. It was very easy for me and Jeff to have three trips to the market for our pasalubongs. Yep, three visits. When you get here, kids will come up to you and ask you if you want to buy 'sako bags'. These are bags that are made up of cement sacks which costs Php10.00. We bought two. And then the same kid will ask you if you want them to carry your stuff. Okay that's odd, I can carry my stuff. And they're so tiny. So don't let them do it. Nah, it's just me.

So here are the stuff that you can buy at Baguio City Market.

All kinds of lettuce. Jeff bought romaine and I bought iceberg. 
Price: Php80.00/kilo


Root crops.

Baguio flora.

Price: Php100.00/kilo

Flowers and longganisa. I bought some Baguio longganisa and took it home. They said it's garlicky or whatever but when I cooked it the next day, it was a little sweet. What's garlicky is the Lucban longganisa. 
Price: Php140.00/kilo

Shirts. This picture is taken in a stall at Mines View Park. Shirts here sell for Php100.00 per piece. Jeff and I bought our shirts here while I bought my pasalubong shirts in the market. The shirts there sell for only Php90.00 but I noticed that the fabric was not as good as the first one that we bought. So if you go here, I suggest you just buy here.

Walis sells from Php100.00-Php200.00. I bought a bundle of three that sells for Php300.00.

You can buy the peanut brittle, choco flakes and ube anywhere. But for the authentic one, you should visit the Good Shepherd Convent which is just a few minutes away from Mines View Park. 


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ube jam & peanut brittle!! ftw :)

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