Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chef Laudico's BFAST

Thursday, December 8, 2011
Nothing special about today other than the feast of the Immaculate Conception, which happened to be celebrated in Antipolo. So mom closed the store in the afternoon. I get to have the afternoon for myself and thought of visiting my fiance. Naks!

I came around 2PM in Makati with a pounding headache and and empty stomach. I asked Jeff to grab some paracetamol before meeting me. He wanted to watch a movie and for the first time, I said no. Naks ulet! I have to leave Makati before 5PM because for sure, traffic will be really bad going back to Antipolo. I asked him if we could eat in Ayala Triangle. He suggested Bfast.

Bfast, or (I think) Breakfast is one of the restaurants in Ayala Triangle. We picked this because, well, it serves salad. Hahaha! Jeff has been on a diet for four days now and he is only allowed to eat fruits and veggies. So far, so good! I see less tummy. My fiance is working hard to lose weight for the wedding, while I still enjoy pigging out.

Anyway, Jeff ordered the Christmas Salad. I had Angus Beef but for some reason, I can't find its picture. Sadness. We also saw Z (aka @zeeheehee on Twitter) here. We have one thing in common, we found love not in a hopeless place, but on Twitter. Awesome, right?

Bfast may stand for 'breakfast' or 'be fast'. I should ask next time. ;)

Restaurant wallpaper. So nice.

Table 2.



Jeff's Christmas salad. Don't look for my Angus Tapa, it's already in my tummy. Haha!

Chef Laudico's BFAST
Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati Ave. 
Bel-Air, Makati City
(02) 621-6100

PS. The house that Jeff wants to buy in Avida Sta. Rosa is finally reserved. We are officially living in the south. Yay!


Addie said... [Reply]

Jeff's Christmas salad looks so good and I would have loved to see the pic of your Angus beef if only your tummy weren't that quick. Poor thing.

Haven't been to Ayala Triangle, I heard the lights are really a fantastic sight. Someone take me there, please? Would certainly check out BFast if there's an opportunity. :D

JoyCab said... [Reply]

You should really, really see the Ayala Lights. Oh wait, I will upload the video I took the other day so you'd see it. :P

I'd recommend the Christmas salad, but as for the Angus tapa, it tastes good but not better than Rufo's. Or maybe it's just me.

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