Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Nom-mage Special: Happiness in a Box

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Jeff has been talking about a certain pair of shoes since his birthday last March. Or maybe even earlier. I never felt the 'importance' of these shoes to him until December.

He wants the Air Jordan XI Concords. I did a little research and discovered that the Concords was released in 1996 -- when Jeff and I were both in the 6th grade. He told me that it has been his dream to have a pair since he saw it. Jeff is a big Bulls fan and a bigger Jordan fan. So when he heard that Nike is rereleasing the Concords, he decided to do anything to, in his words, cop it.

Plan A
Two years ago, when the Space Jam XI Retro was released, I passed by Nike BHS and saw so many people lined up. That was December 19, four days before the actual release date. I worried a little for Jeff. He might not get his pair if the competition is this tight. So we planned to hire someone to fall in line for us. P600 a day, with free food.

Plan B
My friend RD is in Singapore. When the Black Cement 3 Retro was released, I asked him if there were still some stocks in SG. I also asked him if he can get Jeff a pair. He told me he might not be able to get the Concords because a lot of crazy sneakerheads are also waiting for it there. He suggested we buy it online at http://www.rmkstore.com/.

Plan C
Believe it or not, we actually thought of just ordering it online at http://www.rmkstore.com/. Oh well.

Plan D
Jeff learned that Titan, a basketball and barbershop in one, is dropping the Concords too. Luckily on December 10, we were at Burgos Circle when Titan Fort announced the release of the green poker chips, which was the first step in copping those Concords! Our friends OJ and Faye were at Bonifacio High Street and rushed over when they found out too. The poker chips were released at 2:23PM. Jeff was first in line, OJ was second, Faye was fourth and I was fifth. Four green chips while we only need two pairs of shoes. Looks like we have a big chance to get them!

We thought that we already have a sure slot to get a pair. We were wrong. Titan was too wise, firing away contests on Facebook, Twitter and other online pages.

December 18, after coming back from Ate Inggie's birthday trip in Quezon and just when we were about to go to bed, Jeff saw a new post from Titan on Facebook. I was too sleepy that time and all I understood was we have to email something. Jeff also messaged OJ and Faye, but they didn't answer. Looks like the couple was already sleeping.

I sent an email and here's what I got a day after:

Dear Joy-
Thank you for your email. And Congratulations!!
As one of the Green Chip holders selected by email, you have been pre-allocated a pair of Air Jordan XI 'Concords' in your size.
This notification supercedes the previous instructions given to you. You do not need to line up for a wrist tag anymore on 12.23.
There will be an AJXI event happening on Dec. 23, 2011 starting at 12NN til 12MN at The Playground of the RONAC Art Center.
This will be a day of basketball, sneakers and fellowship for everyone who share our love of the game.

1) This is a PRE-ALLOCATION ALERT. Yes, it means your pair is secured.
2) There will be 2 designated windows for you to pick up your pair: YOU HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED THE 1PM-3PM TIME SLOT. Unfortunately, in order to ensure that expected crowds are managed properly and safety is preserved, you will only be able to purchase your shoe during your time slot on that day.
3) Valid Identification is required. Your Titan Players Club Chip is required as well. No ID, no shoe. NO chip, no shoe. And we thank you for your understanding on our rigidity this time around.
4) Upon your arrival and registration, it will be FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED at the Sales Counters. This will affect only the order that you are served, NOT shoe or size availability.
5) Once you've paid for and collected your pair, you are home free. But we do hope you will stay and enjoy the festivities with us throughout the evening!

There will be a Titan 2K12 Tournament throughout the day, culminating in a Celebrity Challenge at 8PM, an Air Jordan exhibit unlike any you've ever seen before, and of course, Music, Food and Drinks to help you enjoy and celebrate with your Club and community.
Lastly, for now we hope you keep the information in this email strictly confidential.
We thank you once again for your continued support for Titan.
For Love of the Game
On 18-Dec-2011, at 11:37 PM, Joy Cabaltera wrote:

1) FULL NAME (AS IN VALID ID): Joy S. Cabaltera
3) PHONE CONTACT: 0917517****
4) SHOE SIZE: 10
5) B) FORT

Yay for victory! I already have a sure pair! But guess what, Jeff got the email too! Yay for two assured pairs! The bad news is our friends OJ and Faye did not. I offered my slot to Faye and she was happy about it.

All Roads Head to Ronac
On the 23rd of December, Faye was at Ronac Art Center as early at 5AM. She was the 20th person who arrived. Jeff arrived around 7AM, OJ at 7.30AM and me at 9AM. We were all waiting for our slots. Jeff and I were just waiting for 1PM because according to the email, we will get our pairs at 1-3PM. Faye and OJ registered at 12nn. Their pairs will be released at 6PM. There's also an NBA 2K12 competition that started at 12NN and an exhibit of shoes and more shoes!

And the moment of truth came. I do not have to elaborate, these pictures will tell you the story.

Mr. Jordan and I.

Black cements.
The shoes that we're getting!
In a few minutes, Jeff is getting a pair of this.

Jeff and his Christmas Gift

First touch.
He's like a seven year old on Christmas Eve.
Inspecting if there's damage. OC much. Haha!
Inspection Part 2.
Sniffing his first pair of Concords. Adik!
And here's me, the supportive fiancee happily posing for a photographer.
I was the first one to wear his shoes. Hahaha! He said, DS = BS.

After we got our pairs, we had lunch at Sunrise Buckets with OJ and Faye. And then we walked to Greenhills to do my last minute Christmas shopping. We went home at 5PM. It's my mom's birthday and Jeff slept over. Before sleeping, he forced me to do a photoshoot of him and his new shoes. Oh my baby boy! Haha!

A happy camper.
Big smilesssss!
My fiance and his new baby!
Another sniff.
The shoes that all the 90's sneakerheads wanted to have.

Trying it on for the first time.
Very pogi shoes!
Me again. Haha!
Kudos to Titan for a very organized event. We heard Nike BHS had a lot of problems, especially because they only had 60 pairs while Titan had 200+ pairs. Yay Titan! I am now a fan! :)


Mic said... [Reply]

Kung gano kamahal ni Jeff ang Concords, ganon ko kamahal ang Space Jams. Pero wild talaga yung nangyari two years ago. Aasa na lang ako sa susunod na release. Haha tae talaga.

jeff m. said... [Reply]

Size 10 ka pala? :D

JoyCab said... [Reply]

@Mic: Pogi nga talaga yung Space Jams na yun. Tinatanong ko nga si Jeff kanina kung baket hindi sya pumila nun. Baka nakita ko pa sya nung 2009 sa BHS kasi ininterview ko ang mga naka-campout. Haha!
@Jeff M: Size 5 lang ako. Doble ng size diba? :P

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Lucky guy, huh. :D

JoyCab said... [Reply]

@Addie: Sobrang lucky! 200 pairs only and he got one! :)

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