Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moon Garden Tagaytay

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
I needed a break.

Work and wedding preps have taken it's toll on me and I felt so stressed out the past few weeks. No, make that burned out. So Jeff took me to a quick trip to Tagaytay. I started browsing for places to stay in Tagaytay and I suddenly remembered Moon Garden Tagaytay. My former coworker, Leslie told me about this a few months ago.

They charge Php3,000.00 for an overnight stay for two plus breakfast. By the way, this officially became our last trip as a couple because we are getting married next month. :)

Blue moon somewhere in the garden.

We arrived in Moon Garden Tagaytay around 2PM on a rainy Saturday afternoon. We were immediately brought to our room which they call a casita. I am so overwhelmed with the room. I loved the rustic feel of the room. The bed was built in and is made of concrete and the mattress was super duper soft. Here are some photos of the casita.

Casita means cottage or small house in Spanish.

The huge concrete bed. 

A scary closet. 

The bed faces this big netted window. Fresh air and fog everywhere!

Notice that the bathroom doesn't have doors. It is only separated with curtains from the main bedroom.

The rock wall gives a cooler temperature inside the casita.

We decided to grab some merienda. We went out to their main hall and ordered brewed coffee and turon. It really felt good to sit down in one of their sunken kubo and munch on some turon with langka

Find the hanging moon.

The main hall with huge flower paintings. Gotta love the chandelier.

We decided to spend the entire afternoon in this sunken kubo

There are a lot of lilies on the pond. 

And a lot of frogs too.

Kapeng barako!

Turon with langka. Yum!

Dinner was also served after a few hours since we stayed there the entire afternoon. Jeff ordered fish and chips and I had binagoongang baboy. Yum yum!
And hers. 
The lily and frog garden at night. 
Jeff was so amazed with the frogs and kept taking photos of them.

Our Php3000 stay includes breakfast. I really, really loved their breakfast. We got up around 8AM. 

Spiderwebs and drizzle. 
Fresh melon juice.
Reminds me of the old Magnolia Milk bottle.
My adobo flakes.
Bread and orange marmalade.
Pineapple, starapple, papaya and pudding. 

I had a great weekend in Tagaytay. Looking forward to visiting Moon Garden again. :)

Moon Garden Tagaytay
SVD Road, Tagaytay City Philippines
For reservations, you can contact Bong at 09399139097


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