Saturday, January 14, 2012

Balay Indang

Saturday, January 14, 2012
Sorry for the late post. I know I should've posted this a week ago but I don't have the pictures. Yep, Jeff and I went on a trip without my loving camera. The morning we're leaving for Eumir and Sef's wedding, I just picked whichever I thought I'd need, realizing that I totally forgot my camera. So there, a pictureless trip.

Good thing Jeff borrowed his dad's camera. :D

We were late for the wedding. Sorry Eums and Sef! But we were able to see the you-may-now-kiss-the-bride part. Few minutes after the wedding, everyone headed to the reception at Balay Indang.

Eums is Jeff's friend from Ateneo. This is the first wedding in this group, next will be ours in April, two in September and one in December. Everyone's getting married! Sef told us that they picked Balay Indang because they got engaged here. Sweet! Everyone decided to stay for the night after their wedding. Actually, all of them stayed the night before except me and Jeff.

Balay Indang charges Php 1,200.00/head for an overnight stay with buffet breakfast. Not bad! Anyway, here's our room.

Our room was in the Pentateuch area. We got the first room which is Genesis. 

This is where it all begins. LOLS. 

The bed. 

The sink was a jar. And notice the bathroom floor. 

It may be cold but fret not because they have a heater! 

They give clean towels which were on top of the cabinet. And they also give complimentary OFF! Lotion because there are mosquitoes in the area. 

Our room has a veranda. We never got to hangout a lot here because it was raining the whole time we were there. It was cold!

Very big jar! I wonder if there's halimaw inside. Haha!

I swear, I am a little scared. O_o

Paintings that hang outside the room. 

I also took a few pictures of the house itself. 


This is one of the dining halls. Notice that Balay Indang has different chairs, tables and they also use different plates and utensils when they serve food. Very creative!

Candles, etc.

They also hang a looooooot of mirrors! 

More mirrors. 

The big rooms were found in the second floor of the main house. 

This made me sing my Kettle Song. In Tagalog. If you wanna hear it, bribe me. :P


The gang minus Carlo and Rocky. And Eums and Sef. :P

Photo grabbed from Sam's Facebook. Minus Carlo and Rocky padin. And Bit and Gots who left early.
Topher, Sam, Mic, Anj, Jeff, me, Sef, Eums, Jen and G. 

Congratulations, Eumir and Sef! 


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