Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LOVE: Suelas

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
I've been dying to post this since last week but I just can't since I haven't used (or un-DS as Jeff would call it) my pair of Suelas shoes yet. But today, I've already used my shoes two times so I guess it's just proper that I share my experience to you my friends.

Last Christmas, Deal Grocer offered these pair of shoes on their website. I forgot how much. Our friend, Isa was able to avail of the promo. Actually, it was her boyfriend who purchased the shoes. Sweet! Isa said it's very comfortable and chic, so I decided to get one too. I bought a coupon from Deal Grocer but I forgot to pay for it. LOLS.

Last Friday, I bought my first pair. Yes, my first because I'm expecting to buy another one soon. Here are some of the photos of my Brogue from Suelas which costs Php999.00. Very affordable right?

Black Brogues for Php999.00

I asked Jeff which design I should get but he said that he's always biased for the brogues so he picked this. I needed a  decent pair of black flats so I took this! 

Jackie, the owner of Suelas (I think because that's the name that appears in the emails hehe) was very helpful about my query. I told her that I'm normally 5.5 but they don't have that size so I asked her if I should get the 5 or the 6. She advised me to get the 6 and apparently, it fits me! 

Here's the bag that comes with the shoes. 

It says, Flatten it. Fold it. Roll it. 

Fold it! 

Lovin' my new Suelas! 

Here's my opinion about the shoes. It's very comfortable because it is made of very soft and light material. I swear, this is the only pair of flats that I used the whole day without having blisters in my skin. This is a good buy! Can't wait to buy another pair from them. 

How can you get your own pair of Suelas? Visit their website for more details! 


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