Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Nom-mage Special: Happiness in a Box

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 5
Jeff has been talking about a certain pair of shoes since his birthday last March. Or maybe even earlier. I never felt the 'importance' of these shoes to him until December.

He wants the Air Jordan XI Concords. I did a little research and discovered that the Concords was released in 1996 -- when Jeff and I were both in the 6th grade. He told me that it has been his dream to have a pair since he saw it. Jeff is a big Bulls fan and a bigger Jordan fan. So when he heard that Nike is rereleasing the Concords, he decided to do anything to, in his words, cop it.

Plan A
Two years ago, when the Space Jam XI Retro was released, I passed by Nike BHS and saw so many people lined up. That was December 19, four days before the actual release date. I worried a little for Jeff. He might not get his pair if the competition is this tight. So we planned to hire someone to fall in line for us. P600 a day, with free food.

Plan B
My friend RD is in Singapore. When the Black Cement 3 Retro was released, I asked him if there were still some stocks in SG. I also asked him if he can get Jeff a pair. He told me he might not be able to get the Concords because a lot of crazy sneakerheads are also waiting for it there. He suggested we buy it online at http://www.rmkstore.com/.

Plan C
Believe it or not, we actually thought of just ordering it online at http://www.rmkstore.com/. Oh well.

Plan D
Jeff learned that Titan, a basketball and barbershop in one, is dropping the Concords too. Luckily on December 10, we were at Burgos Circle when Titan Fort announced the release of the green poker chips, which was the first step in copping those Concords! Our friends OJ and Faye were at Bonifacio High Street and rushed over when they found out too. The poker chips were released at 2:23PM. Jeff was first in line, OJ was second, Faye was fourth and I was fifth. Four green chips while we only need two pairs of shoes. Looks like we have a big chance to get them!

We thought that we already have a sure slot to get a pair. We were wrong. Titan was too wise, firing away contests on Facebook, Twitter and other online pages.

December 18, after coming back from Ate Inggie's birthday trip in Quezon and just when we were about to go to bed, Jeff saw a new post from Titan on Facebook. I was too sleepy that time and all I understood was we have to email something. Jeff also messaged OJ and Faye, but they didn't answer. Looks like the couple was already sleeping.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chef Laudico's BFAST

Thursday, December 8, 2011 2
Nothing special about today other than the feast of the Immaculate Conception, which happened to be celebrated in Antipolo. So mom closed the store in the afternoon. I get to have the afternoon for myself and thought of visiting my fiance. Naks!

I came around 2PM in Makati with a pounding headache and and empty stomach. I asked Jeff to grab some paracetamol before meeting me. He wanted to watch a movie and for the first time, I said no. Naks ulet! I have to leave Makati before 5PM because for sure, traffic will be really bad going back to Antipolo. I asked him if we could eat in Ayala Triangle. He suggested Bfast.

Bfast, or (I think) Breakfast is one of the restaurants in Ayala Triangle. We picked this because, well, it serves salad. Hahaha! Jeff has been on a diet for four days now and he is only allowed to eat fruits and veggies. So far, so good! I see less tummy. My fiance is working hard to lose weight for the wedding, while I still enjoy pigging out.

Anyway, Jeff ordered the Christmas Salad. I had Angus Beef but for some reason, I can't find its picture. Sadness. We also saw Z (aka @zeeheehee on Twitter) here. We have one thing in common, we found love not in a hopeless place, but on Twitter. Awesome, right?

Bfast may stand for 'breakfast' or 'be fast'. I should ask next time. ;)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Toast Box

Sunday, December 4, 2011 2
One thing I loved most about my stay in Singapore back in 2008 was the food. Every morning when I go home from work (yep, I was in nightshift), I pass by the hawker centers to buy either Kaya set, fried rice with egg and sausage or whatever, nasi lemak, or whatever I thought of eating. At night during our shift, my coworkers would ask me to go out and eat prata, nasi goreng or nasi lemak. There's also a place in Singapore called Newton and Makansutra which is a must try for all tourists.

So today, we tried Toast Box. I definitely know what I want -- KAYA TOAST. Jeff had Nasi Lemak, which I think is what he orders most of the time when he goes to a Singaporean restaurant. He also likes his Hainanese Chicken steamed, while I like it roasted. We both love oatmeal prawn too. I wish we could go to Singapore so I could take him to the places where I loved to eat. Soon, I hope. :)

My kaya toast. Yum!
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