Thursday, November 1, 2012

Special Edition: Lego Shell Ferrari 30191 Review

Thursday, November 1, 2012
Aside from Jordan kicks, one other hobby I have is collecting Lego, particularly the Ferrari licensed sets. Officially, Lego hasn't released a Ferrari licensed set since 2009... Until now.

Shell has now come up with promotional Lego Ferrari sets wherein one can get a polybag for every P1,500 purchase of fuel for either P140 or P180, depending on what fuel one filled up with. Almost a week into the promotion, I managed to grab five (5) out of the seven (7) sets available, and I'll first review the 30191 Scuderia Ferrari Truck


The set has 40 pcs, an instruction sheet, and one sticker sheet. Amazingly, this set has NO EXTRA pieces.

All Parts

There are 3 parts that intrigued me, all of which could be useful for future MOCs. 
First, we have the 2 x 1 cheese slopes, 2 pcs in red, and 1 pc in light grey

2x1 cheese slopes

Then we have 2 pcs of 2 x 4 curved slopes.

2x4 curved slopes

And lastly, a 1x4 arch

1x4 arch

Now on to the build. The BIG difference of these promotional sets with the previously released Lego Ferrari sets of similar sized is the chassis. The chassis of these sets come with a pull-back motor at the rear, making these sets more playable. 

The 8x2 chassis with built-in pull-back motor.

One consequence of making these sets playable with the wind-up motor is that they had to make these sets "durable" and "more solid" at the front. I shall elaborate later in the comparison shots with the 8153 Ferrari F1 Truck.

Now, I initially finished this with no stickers first since Lego stickers are real bad; they don't really age well as time goes by. You'll see this too later in the comparison shots.

Finished product; No stickers though
It looks really plain without the stickers, so I had no choice but to apply them. To help with the preservation of the stickers, it's recommended to apply one layer of 3M Magic Invisible Tape to seal the sticker. 

Here's a comparison shot with the 8153 Ferrari F1 Truck set (released 2009). If you look closely, you'll see how bad the stickers could get.

30191 vs 8153
 Notice the build detail of the 8153 version. It's a bit more complicated, but then again, Lego has to keep costs down, so no real big complaints. You see the stickers? Yeah, it's bad.

The pull-back action of the 30191 required its front to be more solid. As you can see, 8153 has more parts, but 30191 is more "solid".

30191 vs 8153
8153 (left) has more detail

And here's a shot with the big daddy, 8654 Scuderia Ferrari Truck

30191 vs 8654

And the 3 sets altogether

30191 vs 8654 vs 8153


Design: 3.75/5 - keeping the number of parts low while maintaining as much detail as possible, Lego did a pretty good job.
Parts: 4/5 - those unique cheese slopes and curved slopes will come in handy, and they're not that common too.
Build: 3.5/5 - it's easy enough for a beginner, but too simple for a typical Lego hobbyist.
Playability: 4.5/5 - pullback motor + solid front makes this a highly playable Lego set.
Price: 3.75/5 - if you regularly fill up with Shell, then this is a really good price (P140 or P180). But if not, this is a bit expensive to acquire.

Overall: 3.9/5

Hope you enjoyed the review. I'm still lacking the F150 Italia and the 250GT Berlinetta, so watch out for my next review of 30195 FXX.

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