Saturday, November 3, 2012

Special Edition: Lego Shell Ferrari 30195 Review

Saturday, November 3, 2012
Hope you guys enjoyed my first review of the Lego Shell Ferrari Promo sets, the 30191 Ferrari F1 Truck. Today, I'll be reviewing the set I got for free for my guesting on UKG, the 30195 FXX.


It's got 56 pcs and the usual instructions and sticker sheet. The sticker sheet is a MUST if you want to be faithful to the FXX details.


56 pcs all in all

You're gonna need these, unfortunately.

You'll see this again in 30190
Same with the Ferrari F1 Truck promo set, it's pretty much a 5-minute build. I ended up with 4 extra pcs.

Halfway there

Extra pieces (a 2x3 plate!?!?!)

Now if you insist on not using the stickers, this is what you'll end up with. Nothing like the real FXX

No stickers. Could it be the Batmobile?

Now, with the stickers, it's pretty accurate considering its size and pc count

What's that at the back?

Not as detailed as its big brother, the 8156, but it's a pretty accurate representation of the FXX

8156 vs 30195

Love this shot. Thanks beyb!

Now on to the scores

Design: 4/5 - pretty much at par with the details considering its size. Stickers suck though.

Parts: 3/5 - nothing special here, and the unique brick doesn't seem really useful outside of Tiny Turbos.

Build: 3/5 - solid build from the door to the front. can't say the same about the spoiler, which detaches with relative ease.

Playability: 4/5 - pull-back motor makes it highly playable, but the sturdiness (or lack thereof) of the spoiler could be a concern

Price: 3.5/5 - considering how one could get these plus the fact that its details are mostly stickered, it's one of the promo sets which has less bang for the buck

Overall: 3.5/5

Hopefully, I could get my hands on my own 30190 so that I can compare it with my other Lego F1 cars in different scales and sizes. Hope you enjoyed my review on the 30195 FXX. Feel free to comment and or give feedback on the set and/or my review.

My next one will be a surprise so watch out!


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