Monday, May 2, 2011

Little John's at Mile Hi Center

Monday, May 2, 2011
My cousin texted me that we should visit Mile Hi. I told him I've no idea where that place was and asked where we can have dinner. He told me we should visit Forest House. It was a bit far from our hotel and when we arrived, the front desk told us that we need reservations. Not a good way to shoo two hungry people. So Jeff suggested we go to Camp John Hay. We took a cab and went there. The driver was stopped somewhere with a bonfire and a band but Jeff said he should take us further down. I was surprised that there's something more down there near The Manor. There were a lot of outlet stores, a coffee shop and a few restaurants. We thought of having burgers but I noticed Little John's. I remember reading about it but I didn't pay much attention. So after we visited all the outlet stores, we sat down and ate.

Little John's at Mile Hi Inn.

The restaurant is like Burgoo where you can draw anything while waiting for your food. We tried to draw something but to our disappointment, we're not that artistic so no pictures of our 'artwork'. Haha. The restaurant frames and displays the pretty artworks and we don't expect to see ours hanging when we go back. By the way, food is way cheaper than Burgoo. ;)

I ordered the baby back ribs. It comes with rice and coleslaw. The meat was very tender and tasty. I forgot the price but I think it's around Php160 to Php190.

Jeff ordered lamb chops. I was kinda disappointed because it's very small. Good thing my order is a big chunk of meat. I think this one is Php135.00.

The best thing about the place is not the food. It was just okay. But the whole ambiance outside, the smell of the pine trees and the whole feeling that you aren't in the Philippines. It's pretty cold at night (well that's Baguio) and it's kinda hard to get a cab.

Little John's
Camp John Hay, Baguio City
Tel no. (074) 446.0904


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