Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ground Zero: House of Pizza

Thursday, May 19, 2011
So I was once again a plus one. Went with Jeff and his family in Lucban, Quezon for the Pahiyas Festival. We left Manila around 4:30PM and arrived there at 7:30PM. They say that's relatively a short trip. Jeff's family has a house in Lucban. His mom grew up there before studying college in the University of the Philippines. I don't know if Tita Letty goes home everyday from school. I bet she didn't. Anyway, their house is in the town proper, just a few metres away from the church. I was so excited to go there to see a festival. I have never seen a festival which is kinda weird because I live in Angono, the home of the Higantes Festival.

And what do you do when there's fiesta? You eat. Here's what we nom-med in Lucban.

Located somewhere near the church, or the plaza (I seriously don't remember where), we walked towards this pizza place to grab some dinner. We had some deep crust pizza which is kinda sweet. Maybe too much tomato? The place looks really awesome. It looks like a cave! Or a drainage where the Ninja Turtles live. And where pizza is always available. Haha!


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