Friday, July 1, 2011

Jeff and Joy go to Boracay

Friday, July 1, 2011
We're finally going to Boracay! Woot woot! Yeah, I'm like a kid because it's my first time. I'm really happy Jeff is taking me to places I've never been to. I've always wanted to travel but I don't have the time, the money and the right person to go with. Jeff is the best partner to travel. Besides the snoring, everyday is heaven with him. Hahaha.

Really the best summer of my life. Photo taken by the driver of the Paraw we rented. 
Top of the world. Photo taken by Carlo.

Jeff planned this entire trip. He booked the ticket last December before he even told me. There was a PAL seat sale and we got two roundtrip tickets for only Php3200+. Not really sure about the exact price. It was my first time to fly with PAL and I was so happy about it. The flight was on time. Our departure was 8.50AM, and sure it left Manila that time.

I think that's an AirPhil plane. AirPhil is PAL's answer to Cebu Pacific's budget flights. 
I was used to flying with Cebu Pacific, Tiger Airways and Air Philippines. Some things in common: they all don't serve meals and delayed flights. Pretty surprised when the attendants served cookies, peanuts and your choice of coffee, tea or water a few minutes after take off. 

I had coffee because I wanted to be awake by the time we land in Kalibo.
Oh and I forgot to mention, PAL's in-flight safety video was pretty entertaining too.

We landed in Kalibo after almost an hour. Jeff told me that we need to take a shuttle service to Caticlan which is like an hour and a half drive. Caticlan has it's own airport but only small planes land there. There was a man waiting for us outside. How did we know? He had a sign with Jeff's name. Haha! We rode a bus going to Caticlan Jetty Port. Jeff booked this service along with the hotel accommodations. Anyway, he wanted to sleep but I was really excited so I didn't. I just talked and talked and talked. After an hour and a half, we arrived in Caticlan Jetty Port. A boat is waiting for us and we have to cross to get to Boracay island. That was another twenty minutes I think. The boat arrived and I thought that was it but another shuttle was waiting for us. When does this ever end? So another twenty or so minutes of waiting and the shuttle stops at Residencia Boracay. Jeff booked this hotel for us. They have a very good off peak rates that we availed. This hotel is in Station 1. Jeff wanted us to stay in a quiet place so we won't be disturbed by the bar noise. I later realized that he was right, it was really quiet in Station 1. 

I was really tired and hungry when we arrived. I took a shower and asked Jeff if we can have lunch right away. Jeff's Ateneo friends Carlo and Rocky were in Boracay at that time too. It was kind of a planned vacation with us, but they arrived the day before we did. Anyway, Jeff called them. After taking a shower, I dragged him out. It wasn't really sinking in that I am already in Boracay. All I was thinking was lunch. Seriously, I am not the girl you'd ever want to starve. I have never seen the beach since we got there, but when I did, it was paradise. 

I instantly wished that I lived there. 
We saw Carlo and Rocky as they were going inside their hotels to prepare for lunch. We were only two hotels apart. Pretty cool. Though Station 1 was quiet, it was a little far from the restaurants. So me, Jeff, Carlo and Rocky had to walk to Station 2 to find something to eat. 

And that's where the Boracay gluttony begins...


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