Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Laya Personal Dining

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My friend, Sheila, told me about this restaurant long time ago but I only mentioned it to Jeff recently. We initially planned to do the pamanhikan here but opted for the traditional way which is my house. We did an ocular a month ago to check out the place.

Laya Personal Dining is in Pinto Art Gallery in Antipolo. It's not very easy to find the place so go check Google Maps okay? The place is really very interesting. Here are a few pictures I took on our first visit.

The Pinto Art Gallery entrance. 

Stairs to the gallery and the restaurant.

Jeff decided to take me to Laya for our ninth month, a week before Laya says goodbye to the public. Yep, they are closing down. He reserved online and sent them the downpayment of Php1000 (which is 50% of the meal) through bank transfer. We paid the remaining half on the day itself. They sent him the menu to choose from. We chose two different sets, Antipolo Naming Mahal for Jeff and Laya Signatures for me. We arrived at the restaurant around 6pm. Here's our Laya experience.

This greeted us on our table. Very personalized. Love it!

Jeff's set.
My set.

Appetizer # 1. Server said it's cantaloupe (I say it's milon. Yep, milon with a hard Tagalog accent.) with cherry tomatoes and some spice. I think that's turmeric.

Joy's Appetizer # 2. Stir fried kaffir lime pork in lettuce wrap, shrimp and chicken wanton bag with thain sweet chili sauce and crabstick and cream cheese dumpling with spicy mango sauce. 

Jeff's Appetizer # 2: Nori shrimp and vegetable roll with mango papaya aioli. 

Joy's Soup: Thai-spiced pumpkin and cashew nut soup with coconut cream froth. 

Jeff's Soup: Thai tomato basil soup with cilantro foam. 

Joy's Salad: Grilled spice-crusted chicken strips and wanton crisps with mixed greens in ginger soy dressing.

Jeff's Salad: Fresh summer fruits with mixed greens in citrus mango vinaigrette. 

Joy's Sorbet: Fresh mango and lime.
Jeff's Sorbet: Kalamansi and wild honey.

Joy's Main Course: Grilled US hanging tender steak with spiced crushed potatoes in herb and red wine reduction. Really loved this one! The potatoes were a little spicy for me. Was trying to figure out how it became spicy because I can't see pepper or chili bits. Jeff suggested white pepper. The beef was so tender and was served in big portions. Winner!

Jeff's Main Course: Prawn and mango curry with saffron-scented pumpkin basmati rice. 

Joy's Dessert: Dark chocolate and black pepper tart with candied ginger and basil-infused vanilla creme anglaise. My favorite next to Sonya's chocolate cake. It's like there's actually a chocolate bar on top of the tart. 

Jeff's Dessert: Suman rolls with caramelized mangoes, mantecado ice cream and latik sauce. It was only after this dessert was served that we realized why Jeff's set was called Antipolo naming mahal. The ingredients used in his food were mango, suman and kasuy which are local delicacies in Antipolo. 

Tea was served after the delectable meal. 

Very happy we visited. Time and money spent well. 
I wish I could say that I'd like to be back, but I think the best thing to say for now is I'd like Laya to be back soon. :)


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