Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Epic Boracay

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
For dinner, Jeff insisted we eat at Epic. He later explained that his friend works for this company though she is not stationed in Boracay. I think she's on the marketing department or something.

Epic Boracay. Station 2. It's near Lonely Planet. 

I think this is frozen iced tea. Or bubbled. Hehe.
Jeff's cheeseburger. The patty was very thick!
I went for the classic adobo. Yumyum!
Just like what Carlo said, women in Boracay love dressing up for dinner. I guess he's right. ;)
Rocky and Carlo. See, even Rocky dressed up! 
They have a foosball in the restaurant. Jeff and Carlo played at first. Rocky and I later joined in. Jeff and I won two out of three games.
The bar. 

Jeff and I went back the next night to grab some drinks. We're cool, yeah? Haha. We arrived early so we were able to avail of their happy hour promo which starts at 2PM and ends at 8PM. You can buy any local beer and selected mixes and get one for free! Really nice promo. Anyway, we got beer, margarita and mojito.

Something's wrong with this. 
I like this shot so much. 

The next day, Jeff and I went back again. This time to watch the Azkals-Sri Lanka game. We were able to meet the manager. I think Jeff's friend called him and he waived our bill that afternoon. Yay for free stuff!

Free nachos. Yum!


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