Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Heart Backyard BBQ - Boracay

Saturday, July 2, 2011
So after walking for some fifteen to twenty minutes, we reached Station 2.  I was so hungry, I will totally eat anything. Carlo and Rocky doesn't have anything in mind. Jeff was thinking of steak or anything grilled. And then we found this place.

We're happy there were seats outside the restaurant. We placed our order right away and then Rocky noticed a few Koreans vacated a table inside so we transferred. I noticed a few interesting signs posted on the restaurant's wall.

The sign is great. Too bad I am not meaty, I am chunky. Haha.

Jeff and I didn't even go on a diet before going here. Really not part of our vocabulary. Haha!
This restaurant better not disappoint a hungry woman like me.
I initially thought these were two pigs which I call Jeff and myself. I later realized these were cows when Rocky pointed it out. See, I was that hungry.
Our orders came in ten or fifteen minutes. Prices of the food are between Php180 to Php300. I already forgot about the prices. 

Jeff ordered this some sort of grilled steak and prawns. I thought it was small. 
I ordered grilled bangus belly. Boracay made me realize that this is actually my favorite fish. Or my favorite food in general. 

Carlo ordered porkchops.

And Rocky had chicken wings. 
Our food were gone in a jiffy. Heaven knows how hungry we were. Well, I know how hungry I was. Really enjoyed the food here. 

Carlo and Rocky.
Jeff and Joy.

I ♥ Backyard BBQ
D’MallStation 2, 

White BeachBoracay Island, Aklan


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