Saturday, April 30, 2011

50's Diner

Saturday, April 30, 2011
After finding our way out in Wright Park at around 11.30AM (or maybe sometime 12nn), Jeff asked me where to eat lunch. It was my assignment to look for restaurants haha! I told him we should eat at 50's Diner. I read it's an American themed restaurant that serves, of course, American food. By the way, my fiancĂ© is American born. Yup, he holds an American passport while I still have the green, not the maroon, Filipino passport. It sucks right? Hahaha.

So we hailed a cab and asked the driver to take us to 50's Diner. To our surprise, the driver asked which branch are we talking about. I don't remember reading that there are two branches, and Jeff doesn't remember that there are two. So he just told the driver to take us to the nearest one.

50's Diner located at Upper General Luna Road. I wonder where's the other one. 

Are they the Three Stooges? Apparently, minus one? Not sure. Srsly, if I ever take that citizenship exam in the US, I'll certainly fail. Haha!
Jeff's strawberry milkshake.
My chocolate milkshake.

I ordered fish and chips. 

And Jeff ordered cheeseburger. Trust me, it's huge!

50's Diner
92 Upper General Luna Road cor. Brent Road,
Baguio City
Tel nos. 0916.659.5555


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