Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adarna Restaurant and my Engagement

Sunday, April 3, 2011
Jeff picked me up early afternoon today. We had to get rid/sell my Nokia E5, get my BlackBerry at his house (because he forgot it at home but we ended up staying longer because his car was broken), and finally have dinner at Adarna Restaurant.

Adarna Restaurant is along Kalayaan Avenue in Quezon City. It is owned by Tita Beth Angsioco. Yes, THE Elizabeth Angsioco. We met her through Twitter and Jeff's radio show friends, Hashtag. Anyway, I've been to Adarna once with Jeff's friends. Yep, without him. He was in Cabanatuan that time to conduct training. Here are a few pictures I took.

View from the inside. Lovin' the whole old-ish vibe inside the place.

Can I also order one?

The table napkin.

Really loved this!

Soup was served first. This one is called Chicken Mole Soup. I am not sure what other spices are here but I saw ginger and onions at the bottom. I am not sure what made the soup orange. That's grilled tomato on top and pechay. Very tasty!
Price: Php135.00

Picture is kinda blurry but look how thoughtful my boyfriend (ehem, I mean fiance) is.

Minanok na talong. I learned about this dish through Marga. It's just eggplants with coconut milk and spices. I am not sure if there is chicken flavor. Eggplant is my favorite vegetable so I'd eat it no matter what.
Price: Php141.00

Sinanglay na tilapia. I grew up with this swimming with pechay in coconut milk, and to my surprise, Adarna's version doesn't have coconut milk. The fish is so fresh, like really. 
Price: Php168.00

Adobong Batangas ala Adarna. Jeff's dad is from Batangas, and I love adobo. But this has no connection on why we ordered this. Haha. This dish is one of their specialties and a must try! It seemed to me that the pork was marinated and then deep fried and then cooked with the marinade again. Really yummy. 
Price: Php176.00

Batanes Yellow Rice. We were supposed to order one serving each that costs Php70.00 but the crew suggested we get this whole platter for only Php150.00. Not bad! So this is basically fried to a lot of spices and I think the yellow color comes from the turmeric. We took home a lot of this as expected.
Price: Php150.00

Jeff posing with the ginumis. We were so full and it was hard for me to finish up this tall glass of sweetness. 
Price: Php70.00/glass

Tita Beth has an original facsimile version of the Noli and Fili. I was able to touch them on my first visit.

Yep, it's a real jukebox!

Must take my mom here too. She loved reading comics when she was young.

This reminded me of my kindergarten days. I used to eat so much of this packed skimmed milk.

Wooden soda cases FTW!

The garden/mini plaza.

And yeah, I officially got engaged here. :)


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