Sunday, April 10, 2011

Phily's Cheesesteak Diner

Sunday, April 10, 2011
A few days ago, I told Jeff I haven't tried Philly Cheesesteak. Hey, don't judge me. I like beef, I like cheese, but for some reason, I haven't really tried this one. He said we'll try it soon in an American restaurant. Too giddy, I googled a place where we can eat. And I found this place: Phily's Cheesesteak Diner in Home Depot along J.Vargas St. in Ortigas. Turns out that the diner also has a branch in the Ateneo cafeteria.

Anyway, we were supposed to go to Enchanted Kingdom today but we just decided to eat somewhere and maybe watch a movie later. We went at Phily's at around 4PM. The prices were unbelievably cheap! Okay, let's call it affordable. Haha! Here are a few pictures and prices. I apologize for the pictures. I didn't have my DSLR with me so I just used my Blackberry.

The counter! I love!

Our seats.

Each burger meal comes with fries. No drinks tho.

I ordered Camaro. It's beef strips with melted cheese. 
Price: Php75.00

Jeff ordered the Challenger. Beef strips, bacon and melted cheese. Nomnomnom.
Price: Php85.00

Buffalo wings/spicy chicken wings. If you aren't really a fan of spicy food, DO NOT ORDER THIS. Hahahaha.
Price: Php130.00/6pcs.

We also ordered two rootbeers which is Php20.00 per can. We only paid Php330.00 for everything we ate. Very affordable isn't it?

Phily's Cheesesteak Diner
Ortigas Home Depot (beside Ministop and Starbucks)
Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig City


Eise said... [Reply]

Wow! Ang mura nga=) Sayang at malayo sa south...

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