Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hotdog, Lamb and Desserts

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
I found a couple of random cellphone pictures of food. These are some of those we ate but I forgot. Weird. These are my favorites. How can I ever forget about these? So this post will include something American, something Greek and something Italian. ;)

19 December 2010. Sabret. Eastwood Cinema.
I don't eat pork. So obviously, I haven't been eating hotdogs. After watching Chronicles of Narnia, I noticed this hotdog stand and Jeff said that it's beef. I never had second thoughts, we had to eat it. Haha. Before serving the hotdog, the crew asked us what condiments will she put. I said I want everything; chili con carne, catsup, mayo, and mustard. It's also served with chips. Very American.

26 December 2010. Go Greek! Glorietta 4 Foodcourt.
This is my ultimate favorite. Like I can eat this for a week. No, make it a month. It's called the Lamb Gyro Plate. I forgot the price. No, actually I don't know the price because it's Jeff who pays for the food. But I guess it's around Php150. So this meal has pita bread, salad, rice topped with chopped lamb and they super duper yummy sauce. Plus it comes with sour cream and another sweet something. I am not sure. The lamb tastes like herbs, like a hundred of them. Haha. Going, going Greek!

01 January 2011. Pizza Hut. BF Homes Paranaque.
Most people would list working out and going on a strict diet for their New Year's Resolution. But how can you do that if this yummy dessert is served infront of you? This sampler dessert is heavenly. My favorite is the mango panna cotta. Next is the choco lava. And the vanilla ice cream. I don't know the price, again, because Jeff paid for it. I should really start paying for my meals, eh? Haha.


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