Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going Korean

Sunday, January 16, 2011
We actually planned to go to the spa but Callospa was fully booked. I never thought that we needed to reserve or something. So anyway, I suggested we go to a Korean restaurant. We first went to Hanoel, which is infront of Mercury Drugstore and National Bookstore. Antipolo peeps, you know this place, yeah? Food was so-so. I wasn't very happy about it. And I was so frustrated they don't have that grilled Korean bacon (I later remembered that it was called Samgyupsal. I haven't eaten in a Korean restaurant in years!) So I said maybe we should go to the other Korean restaurant near Ever Supermarket.

First stop: Hanoel's Coffee Shop and Restaurant

Chapchae. (Or Japchae?)Price: Php150.00

Hanoel's kimchi.
Price: Free

Price: Php30.00/roll

Bulgogi that doesn't look like Bulgogi. Really frustrating.
Price: Php100.00

The resto's name was a little weird, The Story of Legend. To my surprise, it was really goooooood! Legendary! Haha! They have complimentary kimchi, tofu, bean sprouts and brocolli, unlike in Hanoel. And food is cheap! The cherry on top? The woman who manages (or owns?) the place is very accommodating. (We later learned that she's Russian married to a Korean. All the while, we thought she was a Caucasian born in Korea, or something like that because she speaks and acts like a real Korean). She gave us everything that we need. The place was awesome. I will seriously come back. :)

Second stop: The Story of Legend

Oye, I'm a legend. :P

Legend's kimchi. Looks better, yeah?
Price: Free

Fried tofu.
Price: Free

Steamed brocolli.
Price: Free

Bean Sprouts.
Price: Free

Price: Php280.00

The lettuce and other condiments that come with the Samgyupsal.

Korean salad. I am not sure what kind of leaves are these but one sure tastes like mint! 
Price: Free


Jeff wrapped the pork.

Price: Php150.00


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