Sunday, January 9, 2011

Black Beard's Seafood Island: Where Pigging Out is a Must

Sunday, January 9, 2011
After Jeff's basketball game this morning, roaming around the Manila Ocean Park and watching the musical show, sure we're super hungry. The last time we've had seafood was two months ago, so I asked Jeff if he wants this resto. He agreed so I reserved. Yes, you can reserve here!

Black Beard's Seafood Island in Market Market!

Hungry faces.
We arrived before 8PM, and I was about to faint because of hunger. We ordered Dapitan's Pride. Sorry we don't have a picture of the whole thing. We're just too hungry. This is what we got for Php795.00. Plus Php99.00 each for bottomless iced tea.
Grilled tilapia.

San Mig clams! Yes, clams cooked in San Mig Light.

The Bicolana in me says this Laing is goooood. It would've been better spicy tho. 
Steamed crabs. This one's really frustrating. It's too dry. Maybe it was steamed a little too much and all the moisture was gone. Meat was a little rubbery. Ugh.

Crispy shrimps. This too is a little frustrating. I wanted Jeff to shell the shrimps for me, like what he did in Dampa. Haha. But I liked this one. True to it's name, it's really crispy. The vinegar that comes with it isn't too special tho. I was expecting a sweet-sour-spicy kind of vinegar.

The aftermath. Yes, we were that hungry. Haha.
Satisfied faces. Oye, this dinner rocks.

Black Beard's Seafood Island
Fiesta Market, Market Market!
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Tel. Nos. (02) 889.7321, (02) 886.7692


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