Friday, February 11, 2011

Bacolod: The City of Smiles and Sweets and Foooood!

Friday, February 11, 2011
So this is technically my first trip outside Luzon. I know right? I'm such a loser. And this is something big because I'm traveling with Jeff. I am not really a big fan of the Azkals. Just so-so. The main reason I was there? This:

The scarf Jeff and I sold in Panaad Stadium. Business!

And the second reason why I'm there? The fooooood! Jeff has been going in Bacolod for the past four months because of work and been telling me how good the food is. His stories never disappointed me. :)


First stop: We had breakfast in L' Fisher Hotel where the Azkals were staying not to stalk, but to avail of their awesome Php269 breakfast buffet. Angus tapa + dangit + adobong talong + omelet + fried rice + coffee + waffles = BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS. Lols.

Here's Ikay nom-ming her favorite tapa. :D

Second stop: Calea, the home of the awesomest cakes in the land. It's just beside L' Fisher Hotel. I didn't buy any pasalubong here though because a week before this, Jeff brought me a huge chocolate cake.

Ikay went crazy upon seeing this. She was like, 'Ohmygad, ohmygad, ohmygaddd..' LOL.

Caramel cheesecake.

Cream puff! These are sooooo good!

We went to our hotel, took a shower and went out for our third stop.

Third stop: Aida's Chicken at Manokan Country. The authentic Bacolod Inasal! I was still full when we went here so I kinda didn't eat a lot. But that didn't mean I wasn't able to appreciate it.

Fresh oysters at Aida's.

And we went back to the hotel and slept for like two hours before heading out again. This time, for the business and the game. And as we all know, the Azkals won. :)

Maybe you know him as the crazy guy who ran across the football field with a Philippine flag. Haha!
After the game, we went back to the hotel, washed our stinky and sweaty selves, and headed out to L' Fisher once again to have dinner and party with the rest of Bacolod. Our dinner was nearly perfect, like a real fine dining date if it weren't that noisy at the lobby. Too many fangirls stalking the Azkals boys!

Blue marlin steak. Fish was so fresh! Mmmmm.

Jeff decided to order Sinigang na Hipon so we could have some soup. They greens in it? Cabbage. Yes, weird.

JoyCab and JTag finally end the day with a smile. We decided not to join the partying anymore because we were soooooo tired.


As expected, we woke up late the next morning. We just packed, showered and checked out around 10.30AM. Then we headed to Pendy's. This was the best place to cap our trip! :D

Half moon cake. This is now my favorite food from Bacolod. It's mamon or sponge cake with cream on top. The cream is like egg yolks and milk with some more. I don't know what else actually, it just tastes soooo yummy! They sell this for Php40 per slice. Not bad!

Jeff had some Grilled Hainanese Chicken. Was it just me or this really tastes like inasal? Hahaha.

My last meal in Bacolod: Boneless Chicken Steak. Omnomnomnom.

We also bought pasalubong at Pendy's. We both got a box of half moon cake and calamay-hati, plus I bought some tarts and butterscotch. I really love Bacolod!


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