Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vieux Chalet: A Swiss Piece

Sunday, December 19, 2010
So twenty days after my birthday is Jeff's big sister's birthday. Their family decided to celebrate it in my neck of woods here in Antipolo when Jeff suggested Vieux Chalet. I was surprised they even decided to stay in their hotel, St. Moritz Inn.

Vieux Chalet is owned by the Hassig family. I know two of their kids because we went to the same high school. True to it's word, the place is very nice. It's pretty old and really has a European feel. And the food tastes good too. No, not good, it tastes great!

Pumpkin soup. It has a rich and creamy flavor. It goes well with the crunchy side dish (it looks like chicharon or something) served with it.

Kalamansi shake that Tita Letty ordered.

Beef steak with cream sauce. They serve their meat with grilled potato slices that looks like pancakes. The potatoes were cooked well and it's so yummy. It's at the bottom of the steak.

Fish. I think this is dory. Or salmon. Not sure. It's also served with the potato pancake. Hehe.

Complimentary carrot cake with homemade hazelnut vanilla ice cream on the side for Ate's birthday! Woot for free stuff! :D The ice cream was heavenly! It has some chunks of nuts too!

Chocolate cake with homemade chocolate ice cream. I like this, but I like the hazelnut vanilla ice cream better. ;)

Vieux Chalet
Taktak Road,
Antipolo City
Tel nos. (02) 697.0396, 0917.856.5175


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